" The truth is you can't teach creativity. You can teach some of the tools.
But creativity is a state of mind. It is a way of being. You can't teach a way of being...  

...What one can do is spot people who have bit of flame inside and give them oxygen."
Mark Lewis - Dean at the School of Communications Arts
the flame of creativity   
January 2017
Kyungsoo Lee:  Artist and Teacher


I began painting as a small child, displaying a talent for art which was encouraged by my parents and teachers;
and so painting has been my passion and that continues even today. Many years later I do what i have always done:
I am a artist and painter.

TEACHER- a history

But for almost the same amount of time i have also been a teacher. Teaching sometimes gives a greater self-satisfaction; for today many of my
early students are  successful artists, designers, architects and computer graphic artist.

I began teaching art while still an undergraduate in college. During graduate school I taught high school art classes.

I began “The Art House” school In Los Angeles in 1984 and taught children of all ages. Very young children as well as students who needed a
college entrance portfolio.
At one point i had as many as 40 students. During this time i also occasionally taught at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

For seven years I taught drawing and painting at Kauai Community College in Hawaii ; As well as  art classes at my  Kalaheo studio. When I
returned to California, i again taught contemporary painting at the Los Angeles County Museum Art.   

Today I  teach art classes in the Lee & Lee Gallery in Los Angeles California  and at my La Cresta studio in

I believe that our education system should promote, inspire, and nurture the arts and all forms of creativity in order to foster a vibrant and exciting culture.
However at present and in many communities, it seems to be sadly lacking. This situation provides a great opportunity for working artists to fill the art
education gap and fan the flames of creativity that i believe exists in everyone.

My goal is to encourage each student to awaken their own particular and personal form of expression. Everyone is
different and we must respect each individual’s expression of beauty.

My first objective is to see the student get a basic understanding of how to use the tools of art. This means mixing and
applying paint; selecting and using brushes; exploring all materials an artist uses: charcoal, pencils, papers, canvas,
watercolors, pastels, acrylic paint and oil paint.

I do not teach a particular style or type of art (such as realism, abstraction, oriental style) I certainly do not teach my
style of painting; but I hope that each student discovers their own style. Each class is spent encouraging student to
explore and find their own creative genius and their own method of self expression.
Art classes at Kyungsoo Lee's studio/classroom in La Cresta and at Lee & Lee Gallery in Los Angeles

Art classes are open to all skill levels-beginner and experienced. Each student's work is treated individually based on the student's

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