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                                                                                           December 2016
                                                                                       "Ham and Turkey Juk"
I love Christmas. I love Christmas shopping,the lights,the music,the crowds
and the generosity of people at this time of year.

I love this day when you can get together with your family and share holiday
foods and gifts carefully chosen for each other. I love to get gifts and I love
to give them.

But, this blog is about ham and turkey juk. When we moved to Kauai in 2001
we soon discovered that one local holiday tradition was ham and/ or turkey

Juk is Korean rice porridge ; it is a baby food, a breakfast food,
an easily digested food for the sick or elderly and most importantly it is the
original Korean comfort food. (It is actually comfort food to most of the far
eastern people.) For me, the discovery of this local Hawaiian tradition was a
pleasant welcome to the islands.

The Hawaiian Islands are truly a melting pot of immigrants:
The first being the original Polynesian people who came in open boats over
thousands of miles of ocean bringing their pigs and taro.

And then over many years came the Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean,
Portuguese, and the northern European.

The people of Kauai are truly a beautiful people. In a crowd of people at
school or in  the stores one can see such a variety of racial features but if
you asked anyone what nationality they are, most will tell you: " Oh I'm
Heinze 57 variety"
Merry Christmas

This is just a general outline - not a real recipe.
There are no rules -add any herbs, vegetable or garnishes you wish.
The rice is just a starting point. Add any protein you wish. My favorite
juk is abalone juk.

        Ham and turkey juk.

1. The turkey stock:  
                        1 turkey carcass left from the feast
                         broken up and placed in a large pot.
                         1 large slice of fresh ginger
                         Chicken stock and/or water to cover.

                          Bring to a boil and then simmer for about 2

2. The juk:              
                         After removing the bones and straining the
                         turkey stock (you should have about 10 cups)

                         Add 2 cups white rice

                        ( I like sweet rice which is soaked                              
                         in cold water 2 hours.)  

                         Simmer the rice for about one half
                          hour - stir occasionally then add chopped
                          leftover turkey meat
                          and some chopped ham.
                          Stir occasionally for another half hour.
                          Check for salt add black pepper
                          Serve with a side dish of kimchee.             
Possible Garnishes- be creative

• Chinese Parsley (a.k.a. Cilantro), rough chopped with stems and/or     
whole leaves

• Green Onions, chopped

• Cashews or peanuts(unsalted), chopped

• Lettuce, shredded

• Won Bok Cabbage, shredded

• Shoyu
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Merry Christmas and
 A Happy New Year!
Lucky and Happy are ready for Holidays.
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