Many times my life has been disrupted by relocations. Beginning in 1980 when I moved with my mother, brother and sister to Los Angeles from Seoul, Korea.

Later, my husband and I moved to Orange County. After a number of years, the next move took us to Hawaii for ten years.

We have recently moved back to Southern California.
Places Left Behind /
             Paintings left behind

Painting has always been my way of dealing with the psychic upheaval and the disruption caused by the emotional
attachments to people and places left behind.

Many of my paintings are about the places left behind, the journey home and my optimism for new opportunities in a  new

I was fortunate as a young artist be invited to show my paintings many place throughout the world and doubly fortunate to
sell paintings everywhere I went

On this blog page I want to show some of the paintings that are scattered around the world. This is only  a sample
because there are hundreds and I cannot show them all however I am grateful  to all those people who saw my paintings
and wanted to take them home.

Sometimes, as you may imagine, I think about the paintings left behind ; because they are like children who have left
home to find their own place in this world.  I hope they have found good homes

Though relocation is disruptive and I am always filled with mixed emotions; it has
always provided me with new friends;  and new sights, colors and environments to inspire my art.
  Kyungsoo Lee's Artist Blog
                                                                                                    November 2016
Los Angeles, Ca.  1982
Collection of the National Museum of
Modern Art.  Seoul,Korea.  1987      
"Beautiful California -Fall " 66x90 inches,
Collection of The National Museum of
Modern Art.  Seoul, Korea.  1989
"Born again"  84x136 inches,  oil
Collection of The Museum of
Bordeaux, France  1992
"Beautiful California"  22x30 inches, oil
private collection.Granada Hills,
California.   "Beautiful California"  
series.  24x18 inches, oil 1990
private collection. Stockholm, Sweden
"Memory" series  15x22 inches, oil
private collection. Lancaster. California.
"Festival" 18x18 inches, oil  2005
private collection. Seoul, Korea.  "Blue Bowl"  9x12 inches, oil  2007
private collection. Palos Verdes,
California.  "Passion"  36x24 inches,
acrylic  1997
private collection.  Virginia, USA.  "Season"  48x24 inches, acrylic  2008
private collection. Seoul, Korea.  "Four seasons"  12x48 inches,
acrylic  1998
private collection.  Orange, California.  "Peacock Hills"  60x48
inches,  acrylic  1997
private collection. New
York, NY.  "My true blue
friend"  72x72 inches,
acrylic  1997
private collection. Los Angeles,
California. "Water dream" 60x72
inches, acrylic 1997
private collection. Sacramento, California.  "The
way to Spring"  48x60 inches, acrylic  1997
private collection. Sacramento,
California.  "Green Field"  84x60
inches, acrylic  1997
private collection. Santa Monica,
California.  "Promises to keep"  24x18
inches, oil  2015
private collection. Torrance, California.
"Spanish dance"  24x24 inches, acrylic
private collection. Sacramento, California.  "Celebrate"  72x72 inches, acrylic.
private collection.  Mount Solon, Virginia.  "Fire song"  36x24
inches, acrylic  2000
private collection. Seoul, Korea.  
"Hobak"  20x16 inches, oil  2008
private collection. Seoul, Korea.  " Variation on May" 36x48 inches, oil
private collection. Seoul, Korea.  "Bison" 30x40 inches, acrylic
collection of Kauai Community College.  Kauai, Hawaii.  " The places left behind"    
72x96 inches, oil  2011
private collection.  Virginia, USA.  "White Calabash"  60x72 inches, acrylic  2005
private collection.
Newport, California.
"Cruel April"  36x24
inches, acrylic  2001
Graduate school  1982
The National Museum of Modern Art
Seoul, Korea   1989
Reception of The Museum show  1989
Louvre Museum in Paris   1992
Musee de la Commanderie. Bordeaux,
France  1992
Athen, Greece 1990
Musee d'art moderne de la ville de Paris.
Tustin studio  1996
Tustin studio  1996
The Kauai Museum  2005
The Kauai Museum  2005
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